How to request a quiz
First of all, thank you for using our service to request a quiz! We provide a variety of quiz formats for you to choose. The first step to request a quiz is to choose your preferred format of it. Some users like quizzes without pictures, while some others like that. Thats why it is important for us to know your preferences. We currently offer 3 different formats for quizzes. They are (click to enlarge):

P.S. If you choose Format #3, you can ask us to customize the colours and font of the buttons.

It is an important step that you should tell us the questions and answers that you will include in your quiz! Try to limit the number of questions to 10 as that would make us easier to handle. If you chose Format #2, remember to tell us the images that you will include in the questions, or else, no pictures will be in your quiz (just text (writing)).

At least a few days is needed for us to respond your request. Of course, it depends on how large your quiz is. The larger / more complicated the quiz is, the more time it takes in general. Just be patient! We will do it as soon as possible!

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