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This page is where you can request administrator and/or bureaucrat rights on wikis without an active admin and/or bureaucrat team. Wikis can only be adopted by an active community member, though, so before you post your request please be sure you meet the following requirements.

Please allow 2 to 3 days for a response to your adoption request. Official responses will come from Cap123 or Cap bot. We look forward to having you adopt a wiki!

de:Projekt:Beantragung einer Wiki-Adoption es:Wikia:Adopción fr:Projet:Adoptions nl:Adoptie pl:Project:Adoptuj wiki ro:Wikia Română:Adoptă un wiki ru:Викия: Запросы на статус администратора/бюрократа

To place a new adoption request, please enter the subject title of your request in the following box and then click "Add new request." Once there, you'll be able to leave your request. Good luck!

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Pending and completed requests

Don't see your request on this page? Be sure to check for it in the on hold and completed requests sections. If all else fails, check your contributions on this wiki, and be sure to click "Follow" in your toolbar on your request.

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